Duo Review – Intuition by Amy A. Bartol


I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell him. He thickens the air I breathe, choking me with his scent…his aroma. I shiver. I have to resist. If I’m not strong, then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. How he would savor my surrender. I’m alive, but how much longer will it take until I beg him not to be?



As one of Ann and Kiersten’s real life BFF’s, Missy has been subjected to countless hours of book discussions! Over the years there is NO other series that has generated as much discussion between Missy and Kiersten as the Premonition Series by Amy Bartol. It is one of our most favorites and we love it more than is really healthy.

The 5th and FINAL book in the Premonition Series, Iniquity, will be released on December 8. In advance of this exciting event, I asked Missy to join me for another guest edition of the Duo Review to share our thoughts on this incredible series! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing our thoughts with you about the awesomeness that is the Premonition Series!

Read our Duo Review of Inescapable.

Duo (Guest) Review


Book #2 in the Premonition series introduces us to the most controversial of all characters in this series. Meet Brennus. There are few other characters that elicit such strong responses. Most readers either love Brennus or hate him, but even those that hate him are still drawn to him.

It is so hard to talk about all of the incredible things that happen in this book without just spilling our guts and giving away the entire book!

Evie is determined to protect those she loves and she will protect them to the death if she has to. The butterflies between Reed and Evie are still flying and there is a MAJOR development in their relationship at the end of Intuition. <3 <3 <3

Russell, Buns, Brownie and Zee are all playing their parts to protect and guide Evie in unraveling and completing her mission.

This book is full of action and some MAJOR romance. Evie is coming into her own and discovering her own powers and purposes.








world creation_5





    AND Missy



Amazon Links to Purchase The Premonition Series

Inescapable (Book 1)

Intuition (Book 2)

Indebted (Book 3)

Incendiary (Book 4)

Iniquity (Book 5)

Kindle Copy of All 5 Books in the Premonition Series

*All links also include Audible option.

Amazon Links to Purchase The Kricket Series by Amy A Bartol

Under Different Stars (Book 1)

Sea of Stars (Book 2)

Darken the Stars (Book 3)

*All links also include Audible option.

All of Amy Bartol’s Books have an audio book option. BFF K is a HUGE audio fan!

These are all absolutely fantastic!

About the Author

I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain urban fantasy to them. In short, they get me, so they are perfect and I am blessed. Please visit me at my website: http://www.amyabartol.com

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Review – Give & Take by Daisy Prescott

Give & Take by Daisy Prescott is a short story included in the Red Hot Holidays Anthology. The following review is for Give & Take!

Forget shopping. Forget wrapping. Spend the holidays with these 17 gorgeous alpha males. They have something they’d like to put in your stockings, because they’re definitely on Santa’s naughty list in these 17 all-new stories.

NYT, USA Today, and top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 17 all-new, sweet to sexy books about love, romance, and the holidays. Take a break and rip open this boxed set to cuddle up with these romantic comedy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance books. These authors have pulled out all the stops, bringing back some of your favorite characters from their bestselling series for one more bite at the fruitcake or penning stories about new characters and new love!

For a limited time, you can pick up all 17 of these naughty men for a really great price! Over 1000 pages of love, laughter, and romance! From billionaires and filthy rich rock stars to undercover police and bear shifters, we’ve gathered all 17 passionate stories in one big box with a bow on top. This heart-pounding collection is filled with confident, sexy, and romantic men you’ll want to spend the holidays with.


BFF K’s Review of Give & Take by Daisy Prescott


Reading Give and Take is like coming home from a long day to put on your comfiest jammies and curl up in front of the fireplace with a mug of your favorite hot cocoa!  Give and Take finds us back on Whidbey Island for the holidays and many many of our cast favorites from the Modern Love Stories series make appearances. And, there are so many changes. One couple is having a baby and one couple is getting a puppy. There’s an engagement and visits from old friends.

There is no shortage of feel-good-moments in this short story! It is packed with sweet scenes and warm fuzzies. It’s great to see so many of our favorite characters back in action, and there are a few new ones stirred into the mix. <<Attention Daisy Prescott – Please let one of the Kelso Brothers get a full-length story soon!>>

The book is told from multiple POV’s so it flows quite quickly. The only problem I have with Give and Take is that there isn’t sooo much more!







An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

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Click now to get this special box set of best-selling books before it’s gone forever!

Other great titles in this anthology include:

Perfectly Kissed by Lacey Silks: Mistletoes, sneaky best friend and an old lady, coerce best friends and former lovers, Millie and Dave, to reunite for Christmas Holidays.

Montreux by Blair Babylon: Wulf von Hannover and Rae Stone are about to marry in Montreux, but Wulf’s aristocratic father makes one last attempt to derail the wedding.

Home Bound by Olivia Rigal and Shannon Macallan: Trapped together by a storm, a voluptuous architect and a sexy TV news reporter melt the ice by a roaring fire.

A Band of Heather by Sarah M. Cradit: Colleen and Noah belong to two very different worlds, but a band of heather changes their lives forever.

Christmas on the Run by Daizie Draper: Wannabe rock star Tristan runs from a dangerous bookie and falls for the girl he’s only using as his perfect escape.

Noel: A Blue Collar Christmas by J.C. Valentine: Nurse Noel Walker doesn’t date patients, but Officer Hunter Davis won’t give up until he slaps the cuffs on.

Black Christmas by JC Andrijeski: Quintin Black vanishes, leaving Miri alone after a harrowing ordeal in Thailand. Will she forgive him in time for Christmas?

Winter Tryst by Mira Bailee: One destroyed marriage. Two broken hearts. When Sean visits Lyla to say goodbye, winter’s magic forces the lovers to face the painful truth.

Give and Take by Daisy Prescott: You never know who will show up at the Sip ’n Stroll in Langley. Someone’s pregnant. Someone’s engaged. And someone’s getting a puppy.

Slow and Steady by V.J. Chambers: When danger interrupts Christmas shopping, Leigh and her husband Griffin sizzle.

Take Me Home by Alison Foster: All my Christmas wishes were snatched away by an evil brute. What can you do when the man you hate most makes your mouth water?

Bearfield Snowed In by Jacqueline Sweet: A hunter tracking her prey finds herself snowed in with a sexy shifter. Is he her mortal enemy or her fated mate?

My Cowboy Soldier by Gillian Cherry: Holidays draw lovers and families together, except when war tears them apart.

A Cub for Christmas by Ella Dominguez: This May-December romance burns up the pages when Aricelli realizes that unwrapping her Christmas package is only half the fun.

Rosy Cheeks by Amity Wilde: Good things sometimes come in unlikely packages. When an online flirt stumbles into Karen’s very real life, he might be just what she needs.

A Beary Merry Christmas by Jazzmyn Wolfe: After a season of frustration and pain, will curvy Kassandra and Brendan finally have a beary merry Christmas?

Alec’s First Christmas by Felicia Tatum: Daphne and Zander welcomed their baby Alec, and his first Christmas.

About the Author


Daisy Prescott bw
Before writing bestselling contemporary adult romances, I dreamed of being an author while doing a lot of other things. Antiques dealer, baker, blue ribbon pie-maker, fangirl, freelance writer, gardener, pet mom and wife are a few of the other titles I’ve acquired over the years.

Born and raised in San Diego, I currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with my husband, our dog Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat.

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Review – Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow



When a psychic tells Natalie Nixon her life is about to be upended by a mysterious stranger, she laughs it off. After all, she has everything she’s ever wanted—a successful bakery, the perfect boyfriend, and the keys to her dream house.Who could possibly make her want to throw all that away?Then Miles Haas comes back to town.But he’s no stranger—they’ve known each other since high school. Plus, he’s only around for the summer, he’s still a shameless playboy, and he makes a living writing articles for a men’s magazine with titles like ‘Should You Bang the Boss’s Daughter? A Flowchart’ and ‘Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide.’He’s not the man of her dreams, and she’s not about to abandon everything she’s worked so hard for just for a little fun. Except he makes her laugh like no one else, smells like heaven, and wears panty-melting glasses.





BFF K’s Review


Friends, I suggest you clear your schedules. Miles Haas is here and you will want to give him all the attention he deserves as soon as you possibly can! I promise, you won’t regret it!

Miles and Natalie were childhood friends. They share countless memories including one “almost” night. They’ve remained friends, but never explored any other possibilities for their relationship. Natalie is hard-working, committed and incredibly stubborn. She’s focused on her business, her home and her life plan. When her long-term relationship hits a wall, she’s too focused on the expected outcome to consider other options. When it all falls apart, Miles happens to be in town to shine some light on her other possibilities.

Miles has the world by the tail. He’s independent, self-assured and maybe a little self-centered. But, at his core is a really wonderful man. He is scared of commitment and fears letting someone in when he might let them down. But, Natalie is his one consistent force; theirs is the most important relationship in his life. And at the foundation of it all is genuine affection, mutual respect, intense attraction and sweet devotion.

The two embark on a whirlwind affair that contains some unexpected revelations and more emotions than either were anticipating. Miles has some strong alpha tendencies that play out in some super steamy scenes!

There are cameo appearances from several of Melanie Harlow’s other stories and it is fun to see multiple series intertwine even a little bit. But, this is definitely a stand-alone. You don’t have to read any of the others to really enjoy this book. All in all, Some Sort of Crazy is a great contemporary romance that contains all of the right ingredients and finishes with a delightful happily ever after!











An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


Also Available


Join Melanie Harlow and friends as they celebrate the release of Some Sort of Crazy Thursday, November 19th from 5-9 pm (EST)


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 About the Author

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she’s not reading good books, she gets her kicks from TV series like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Downtown Abbey (although she wishes it were more HBO and less PBS). Melanie is the author of the FRENCHED contemporary romance series (FRENCHED, YANKED, FORKED, FLOORED) and the sexy historical series SPEAK EASY (SPEAK EASY, SPEAK LOW), set in the 1920s.She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


Review – The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

TGP AmazonThe Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

A beard-related dare and one hot-as-hell kiss changes everything.NFL center Ethan Dexter’s focus has always been on playing football and little else. Except when it comes to one particular woman. The lovely Fiona Mackenzie might not care about his fame, but she’s also never looked at him as anything more than one of her brother-in-law’s best friends. That ends now.
Fi doesn’t know what to make of Dex. The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin, but she finds that hard to believe. Because from the moment he decides to turn his quiet intensity on her she’s left weak at the knees and aching to see his famous control fully unleashed.Dex is looking for a forever girl, but they live vastly different lives in separate cities.
Fi ought to guard her heart and walk away. But Dex has upped his game and is using all his considerable charm to convince Fi he’s her forever man. Game On​.

Buy Today

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BFF K’s Review


Ahhh, Dex! I am absolutely in LOVE with Ethan Dexter! He’s tall, rugged, bearded, handsome, smart, soulful, artistic and brooding. Dex is a fantastic alpha-hero, with a sensitive side. Dex cherishes his privacy and his friendships. He keeps most of his life and the multiple facets of his personality hidden from the world. But, no one knows Ethan Dexter like Fiona Mackenzie. And Fi is his perfect match; short, sweet, sensitive, emotional and tremendously loyal.

When Fi finds out that Dex has been carrying a torch for her for years, a passionate spark is ignited and it is oh so fun to watch the relationship unfold. Dex’s woo-ing of Fi is hot, hot, hot!

The locker room banter and sports aspect of the Game Plan and the entire Game On series feels authentic and real. The relationships and the dialogue are well written. I have enjoyed the Game On series so much! Dex and Fi join Gray and Ivy and Drew and Anna in a wonderful gang of happy couples. I hope there will be more to come in this series, but either way, I know that I’ll definitely read more books by Kristen Callihan!









dual point of view




An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

Buy The Hook Up and The Friend Zone on Amazon today!

Be sure to check out BFF K’s Review of The Hook-Up, Book #1 in the Game On series!

Look for a review of Book #2, the Friend Zone coming soon! It was read on vacation this summer, loved it and I realized it hasn’t been reviewed for you yet. I’ll fix that soon!

About the Author

Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she’d rather be. She is a three-time RITA nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer’s Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal, best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.

Connect with Kristen Callihan

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Bewitched by Daisy Prescott

Madison Bradbury isn’t interested in spells or magic, or anything hocus-pocus related despite descending from the original Salem witches. Her life as a Hawthorne College junior is boring. Perfectly so. That is until Andrew Wildes appears in her class–like a quiet, brooding hero straight from one of her favorite romances.

When a local witch convinces Madison to use a love spell on her crush, what happens next is more than magical.

A crush. A love spell. What could go wrong?

***Bewitched is a standalone, New Adult Romantic Comedy with a paranormal twist. This is a 15,000 word short story/novella.***


BFF K’s Review


Need a quick little shot of Halloween feels? I am loving the little world created by Daisy Prescott. She creates wonderful, quirky, engaging characters in all of her books and this sweet treat is no different! I loved Madison and Andrew and I see such great potential with the gang from Hawthorne College.

Bewitched was a quick read with a complete story, but I’m hoping for more from Salem in the future!








About the Author


Daisy Prescott bw
Before writing bestselling contemporary adult romances, I dreamed of being an author while doing a lot of other things. Antiques dealer, baker, blue ribbon pie-maker, fangirl, freelance writer, gardener, pet mom and wife are a few of the other titles I’ve acquired over the years.

Born and raised in San Diego, I currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with my husband, our dog Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat.

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Review – Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne

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Oxford #1
Lauren Layne
Releasing Oct 6th, 2015

Meet the men of Oxford magazine! In the first captivating spin-off of Lauren Layne’s Sex, Love & Stiletto series, a not-so-friendly battle of the sexes turns into a scorching office romance.

Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff position opening up, he figures he’s got the inside track. Then his boss drops a bombshell: Cole has competition. Female competition, in the form of a fresh-faced tomboy who can hang with the dudes—and write circles around them, too. Cole usually likes his women flirty and curvy, but he takes a special interest in his skinny, sassy rival, if only to keep an eye on her. And soon, he can’t take his eyes off her.

Penelope Pope knows all too well that she comes off as just one of the guys. Since she’s learned that wanting more usually leads to disappointment, Penelope’s resigned to sitting on the sidelines when it comes to love. So why does Cole make her want to get back in the game? The man is as arrogant as he is handsome. He probably sees her as nothing more than a barrier to his dream job. But when an unexpected kiss turns into a night of irresistible passion, Penelope has to figure out whether they’re just fooling around—or starting something real.

Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo

BFF K’s Review


Irresistible!  This is a fantastic, fast-paced, super-sweet romance. All of the great elements of a romance novel are packed into one great story. You have a confident but caring hero who isn’t looking for love, but puts his philandering past to rest when he meets the perfect woman for him. And, of course, the perfect woman is cool! She’s hard working, understanding, and doesn’t have any idea how stunning she is.

So the storyline is fairly predictable, but there are a couple of interesting, character-driven, plot twists that will keep you turning the pages. The dialogue and banter are quick and fun. The cast of supporting characters is deep and rich and adds so much to the overall story.

The guys are all manly and model-good-looking, but they also gossip like women and love their partners fiercely. The women are beautiful and kind and look out for one another while having kick-a$% careers and keeping their men in line. I know it’s all too good to be true, but this is why I LOVE to LOVE books about LOVE!

If you’re looking for a fun read with great characters, a unique sports-news setting, and plenty of distracting, delightful storylines, you definitely need to pick up Irresistibly Yours. The only warning I have is that this book (although it is a quality stand-alone) will make you want to read the rest of the books coming in the Oxford Series AND the entire Stilettos Series, all by Lauren Layne!







An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


But before Cole could make the call on whether or not to die curious about that damn notebook or risk rejection by Tiny Brunette, his best friend and co-worker was holding a fresh beer in front of his face.

“You look like you need it,” Lincoln Mathis said, sipping the foam off his own beer.

“How would you know?” Cole said. “You’ve been chatting up Jonas Leroy’s wife for the better part of four innings.”

“Had to,” Lincoln said with a little shrug. “She was bored. Her husband’s completely preoccupied with whatever’s going on with that ball down there.”

“As he should be at a baseball game,” Cole said pointedly.

Cole didn’t know why he bothered. His friend was already back on his cellphone, not the least bit interested in the game.

Lincoln Mathis looked like the type of man who should enjoy sports: tall, athletic, well muscled from their early-morning gym sessions. Carelessly styled black hair and friendly blue eyes that screamed guy’s guy just as loudly as they did ladies’ man.

But, much to Cole’s dismay, he’d never been able to get his friend to invest more than a passing interest in sports—any sport. Lincoln was always happy to tag along to a game when booze and women were involved, but ask him who he thought this year’s MVP would be, and he’d say Babe Ruth without the smallest hint of irony.

Still, tonight, Cole couldn’t exactly lecture Lincoln for not paying attention when he himself was having a hell of a time keeping track of the score.

Once more, his eyes found Tiny Brunette, who was . . . yep. Writing in her notebook.

“Hey, Sharpe. Do you know where they keep a fire extinguisher in here?” Lincoln asked, looking around the luxury suite of Yankee Stadium.

Cole tore his gaze away from the woman and her damn notebook. “What for?”

“If you stare at that girl any harder, she’s going to burst into flames,” Lincoln said, jerking his chin at Tiny Brunette.

“I wasn’t staring.”

“Don’t insult our bromance,” Lincoln said cheerfully.

“Keep running your mouth and we won’t have a bromance.” Cole forced himself not to look at the woman again.

“Hey, if you’ve got a crush on the wee lass, you can tell me,” Lincoln said, taking another sip of beer.

“I don’t have a crush. And wee lass? Really? You’re Scottish now?”

“Sometimes. Chicks dig the brogue. You should try it on your girl over there.”

“She’s not my girl. She’s just . . .” Interesting, Cole finished silently.

“Good,” Lincoln said, clapping him on the shoulder. “So you won’t mind that she left.”

Cole’s eyes flew to the seat where the woman was sitting, annoyed to see that his friend was right. She was gone.

“It’s just as well,” Lincoln said. “We have bigger things to focus on. Say, like how we’re going to annihilate the bastard who’s out for your job.”

“It’s not my job,” Cole said, carefully keeping the tinge of bitterness out of his tone.

“Not yet,” Lincoln said. “But it will be. Taking your competition out of the picture is the only reason I’m at this barbarian event.”

“Remind me never to take you to a hockey game,” Cole muttered.

Still, he appreciated his friend’s loyalty. And Lincoln was right. Tonight wasn’t about petite female baseball fans and their damn notebooks.

Tonight was about Cole’s professional future.

The key to that future? Oxford magazine.


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About the Author


Lauren Layne is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six months to get her first book deal (despite ardent assurances to her husband that it would only take three). Since then, Lauren’s gone on to publish ten books, including the bestselling Stiletto series, with several more on the way in 2015.Lauren currently lives in Chicago with her husband and spoiled Pomeranian. When not writing, you’ll find her at happy hour, running at a doggedly slow pace, or trying to straighten her naturally curly hair.

Don’t miss out of the Sex, Love & Stiletto Series 

where the “Oxford” guys first appeared!

KISS (Book One) 
ONE YOU’RE WITH (Book Two)  
NIGHT (Book Three)  

Review – Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills

A scarred fighter.

A girl with rules.

One night of unbridled passion.

There are three things you need to know about Elizabeth Bennett: she’s smart as a whip, always in control, and lives by a set of carefully crafted rules. She’s learned the hard way that people you love the most always hurt you in the end.

But then she meets Declan Blay, the new neighbor at her apartment complex.

A tattooed British street fighter, he’s the campus bad boy she’s supposed to avoid, but when he saves her from a frat party gone bad, all her rules about sex and love fly out the window.

She gives him one night of unbridled passion, but he longs for more.

With only a cardboard-thin wall separating their bedrooms, he dreams of possessing the vulnerable girl next door forever.

One night. Two damaged hearts. The passion of a lifetime.


BFF K’s Review

rating_4.5 I’ve spent the last week being a lunatic about this book! I’ve recommended Dirty English to everyone – friends, family and virtual strangers. It is that good! Dirty English is a modern love story based on Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Declan are an absolutely fantastic couple and this book has all of the elements of a terrific New Adult novel.

Elizabeth Bennett has a scarred and tragic past. She has spent a couple of years protecting her heart, following some strict rules, keeping love away and pretending that she isn’t permanently damaged by one horrible boy. Elizabeth is also lovely, creative, genuine and hard working. Declan Blay has baggage of his own. He lost his beloved mother when he was young and struggles with a meaningful relationship with his overbearing father. Declan also has goals and ambition and pride in spades. Individually they’re broken. But, together their broken pieces are made whole.

A couple of other notes of extreme importance….Declan is British. Yes – that means an accent and fantastic British phrases. Declan is also a twin! Dax is one of the best parts of this book. He’s cocky and funny and a primary ingredient in this delicious story. I’m anxiously awaiting Dax’s story! (Yay for a #1 Amazon rating! Ilsa Madden-Mills said she would write Dax’s story if Dirty English reached #1 in the Amazon store and it did! I am so desperate for Dax’s story that I bought 5 copies for friends.)

I could go on and on with all the ways I love this story, but that just wastes time you could spend reading it. Which you need to do, right now! You will not regret a single minute you spend with Declan and Elizabeth. You’ll only wish your time together could last a little longer!











An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


★★ PURCHASE Dirty English Today!★★

Amazon       Amazon UK





“Come to my apartment and spend the night with me.” I touched his face, my fingers stroking the softness of his sensuous lips. “Just one night and we can make this shitty world disappear.”

He exhaled. “A one-night stand?”


He cupped my chin. “Someone hurt you, didn’t they?”

My lips tightened. No one at Whitman knew about Colby except for Shelley and Blake, and I sure as hell wasn’t telling him. He’d judge me like everyone else had in Petal, North Carolina. “That’s none of your business.”

“I see.” His eyes searched mine until I felt like a bug under a microscope. “What if I wanted more than just one night?”

“Then your hands can let go of my hips now.”

He removed his hands slowly, the tips of his fingers grazing mine. “This may surprise you, but I don’t sleep with every girl I kiss.”

I’d been rejected. Again. “Blake said you got around, that you used—”

“And you believed him?” His voice was incredulous. “Dude is in love with you and he saw exactly how we looked at each other tonight—”

“Looked at each other? What are you talking about? You refused to dance with me and then you ran off with your girlfriend. Not to mention I just kissed you and you didn’t even care.” I threw my hands up.

“I wanted to fuck you the minute you walked in that party,” he snapped.

“Then why don’t you,” I bit out, tossing back my shoulders.

“You think you want me?” he said tightly. “You can’t handle me, Elizabeth. I can see it in your eyes. You’re scared of something, maybe not me, but something.”

My eyes went to his black eye.

He let out a harsh laugh. “Ah, that’s what you’re afraid of. You want the real truth? You told me tonight you didn’t like violence, but I’m an arsehole who uses his fists. That’s who I am.”

“What do you mean?”

His gaze was intense, dark and low, his face struggling as he fought to find the right words. “I’m in a fight club for money. I show up at warehouses and fight other blokes. Sometimes I beat them so bad they need medical attention. A few times, I’ve been beat to unconsciousness. I’m everything you need to stay away from.”

I inhaled, anger and lust and excitement all riding me. Anger that he was pushing me away, lust for the alpha male in him, and God help me, the fighting thing repelled me and excited me at the same time. “I don’t want to stay away from you. I want you to fuck me and stop making excuses for why you can’t.”

My words seemed to snap his taut restraint.

He pulled me back in his arms, his lips fusing with mine unerringly. His tongue plundered me in a sensual way my body had craved for years. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my anger morphing into all-out desire as he turned us and pressed me against the wall.

Yes, yes, this is what I craved.

A passion to remind me that I was real, not just some sad excuse of a girl who chose to exist on scraps of love.

Before I knew it, he’d shoved my robe off, his hands sculpting my shoulders, massaging them as he ravaged my mouth. I reveled in the warmth of his hand on my neck as his mouth skated down, kissing the hollows of my throat, sucking on my collarbone.

“Like this?” he asked, his voice dark and gravelly. “You want me to take you up against this wall?”

“Yes,” I moaned. Gone. Past caring as long as he kept his hands on me.

Out of control, my brain whispered, but I beat back the dark warnings as his warm hand found my breast and squeezed, his fingers rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

I gasped in pleasure and arched my back to get closer to his body, ignoring the fear that pricked at the surface.

The rules girl in my head stamped her foot and yelled at me. I ignored her.

But even if I wanted to stop right now, I couldn’t. My tongue tangled wildly with his, my hands pulled at his hair, spurring him on, his hand palming my breast and then tugging. Sharp sensations of need went straight to my core.

“Is this what you want? Something quick where we just take what we want and forget each other the next day?”

No. Not that. Not like the way he said it, like it was something dirty.

“Yes, like that,” I whispered against his shoulder, my mouth on his skin, tasting him as my teeth bit down.


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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

She’s addicted to all things fantasy, including unicorns and sword-wielding heroes in books. Other fascinations include frothy coffee beverages, dark chocolate, Instagram, Ian Somerhalder (seriously hot), astronomy (she’s a Gemini), Sephora make-up, and tattoos.

She has a degree in English and a Master’s in Education.

When she’s not pecking away on her computer, she shops for cool magnets, paints old furniture, and eats her weight in sushi.


You can stalk her on her website as well as get signed books: http://www.ilsamaddenmills.com

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New Release – Tess by Ashley Pullo

Title: New Amsterdam: Tess (#1)
Author: Ashley Pullo
Release Date: Oct 15, 2015
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Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, New Amsterdam chronicles the lives of three women defining love in New York City.
Tess – Thessaly Sinclair owns an artisanal honey shop in the historic Seaport district of Lower Manhattan. She’s savvy and charming, and appears to have it all, but a romantic hang-up is holding her back from experiencing true love.


On sale for $1.99 on Oct 15 & 16th


BFF K’s Review


Ashley Pullo is the master of sweet, endearing, emotion packed vignettes. I’m a BIG fan of her other books, The Album and The Ballad. Her newest, Tess, did not disappoint.

Inspired by Humans of New York, this “short novel” is centered around sorta-random, every day people. But, they’re wonderful! They have interesting lives and careers and emotions. Like Pullo’s previous books, you can see how lives intertwine and the decisions/interactions of one character may impact another without even knowing it.

I think Tess is an exceptional heroine. She’s independent, smart, caring and hard-working. And, it is all of those qualities that attracts Levi who has the same wonderful characteristics. Their romance is quirky, real, honest and sweet. The cast of supporting characters adds to the overall charm of the story. (Meg and Seth are adorable!) The romance is absolutely swoony and a little steamy!

Tess is the first of the New Amsterdam series. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving peaches and honey. I’ll be waiting anxiously to read Julia and Darby!









An ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.


“How did a tomboy from Asheville end up in New York – Downtown even?” asks Levi.

Cracking her knuckles, Thessaly laughs nervously. This is that moment – the one where the truth becomes a part of the story arc. Turning into him, she admits, “I followed a boy.”

Levi’s mouth hovers near Thessaly’s lips as he whispers, “You don’t like to follow.”

Caught up in the sexual tension, Thessaly’s mouth twitches in anticipation. “And you?” she hushes.

“I nudge.”

New Amsterdam: Julia (#2) | Coming Nov 30, 2015
Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, Ashley Pullo lends her unique voice to a new series releasing this fall. Combining her unmistakable wit and distinct writing style, New Amsterdam will feature a trio of petite novels chronicling the lives of three women as they define love in NYC.
Julia – Julia Pierce is a popular wedding columnist for a large NYC newspaper. She creates modern fairy tales by penning editorials about average couples. Cynical and cautious, Julia must define love by writing her own story.



New Amsterdam: Darby (#3) | Release date TBA
Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, Ashley Pullo lends her unique voice to a new series releasing this fall. Combining her unmistakable wit and distinct writing style, New Amsterdam will feature a trio of petite novels chronicling the lives of three women as they define love in NYC.
Darby – Darby Wallace is an anthropologist reporting human interest stories for a trendy online magazine. She watches people, studies their habits, and then gives them an interesting narrative – but her own life is a spiraling disaster of bad decisions. Selfish and careless, Darby must seek the help of a mysterious stranger in order to understand the power of human connection.


About the Author

**Residing in New York with her husband and two children, Ashley Pullo is an author, an entertainment blogger, and an advocate for cultural literacy.**
Hey y’all!
NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration – the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity, pop-culture, and humor.
Dreams need chasers.



Review – The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

Title: The Sparrow Sisters
Author: Ellen Herrick
Publisher: William Morrow
Pages: 384
Genre: Magical Realism/Fantasy
Format: Kindle/Paperback


With echoes of the alchemy of Practical Magic, the lushness of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, and the darkly joyful wickedness of the Witches of East End, Ellen Herrick’s debut novel spins an enchanting love story about a place where magic whispers just beneath the surface and almost anything is possible, if you aren’t afraid to listen.


The Sparrow Sisters are as tightly woven into the seaside New England town of Granite Point as the wild sweet peas that climb the stone walls along the harbor. Sorrel, Nettie and Patience are as colorful as the beach plums on the dunes and as mysterious as the fog that rolls into town at dusk.


Patience is the town healer and when a new doctor settles into Granite Point he brings with him a mystery so compelling that Patience is drawn to love him, even as she struggles to mend him. But when Patience Sparrow’s herbs and tinctures are believed to be implicated in a local tragedy, Granite Point is consumed by a long-buried fear—and its three hundred year old history resurfaces as a modern day witch-hunt threatens. The plants and flowers, fruit trees and high hedges begin to wither and die, and the entire town begins to fail; fishermen return to the harbor empty-handed, and blight descends on the old elms that line the lanes.


It seems as if Patience and her town are lost until the women of Granite Point band together to save the Sparrow. As they gather, drawing strength from each other, will they be able to turn the tide and return life to Granite Point?


The Sparrow Sisters is a beautiful, haunting, and thoroughly mesmerizing novel that will capture your imagination.


Purchase the Sparrow Sisters


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The Amazon.com links used in this post are directed to the paperback copy of The Sparrow Sisters. This is an unusual case where the paperback is less expensive than the Kindle copy, FYI!


BFF K’s Review



The Sparrow Sisters is an absolutely lovely book and the perfect pick for your fall book club meeting! I was captivated by the beautiful imagery and remarkable sense of place created by Ellen Herrick in this book. At first Granite Pointe is such an idyllic little seaside town. The residents and their surroundings are seen through the eyes of several of the characters. You learn about the quirks and nuances of Granite Pointe and its’ inhabitants. At the center of the community are the Sparrow Sisters and their nursery.

The mystical presence surrounding the Sparrows is woven through the first parts of the book and you’re left believing in the magic of who they are and what they can do through the plants that they grow in their nursery. The synopsis of the book hints at a pending tragedy and the build up creates a delicious sense of angst and suspense. There were a couple of times I was so nervous, I hesitated to turn the page or press play on Audible for fear of what might be coming.

Sorrel, Nettie and Patience are intertwined with the town and you soon realize that the success or failure of one is equal to the other. When Dr. Henry Carlyle arrives in Granite Pointe, he is immediately drawn into a passionate and life altering relationship with Patience Sparrow. When the tragedy strikes, the relationships of EVERYONE in Granite Pointe are tested and strained. I was so intrigued by the way that town turned on one of their own and the strife created from the discontent. It was too easy, almost unsettling, the way the witch hunt unfolded with the Sisters and Henry at the center. But, the devotion that the Sparrow sisters have to one another and their close-knit circle of friends/family is heartwarming. It’s critical for the women of Granite Pointe to take a stand and the Girl Power is fully awesome!

I had hoped for a little more magic and mystery, but the exceptional characters and relationships made up for any lack of alchemy. Herrick has created a delightful world full of beautiful passages and quirky characters. I enjoyed the entire book, both audio and written. The Sparrow Sisters has an immensely satisfying ending, but still leaves an opening to revisit these endearing characters. I’m looking forward to discovering what’s in store for Sorrel and checking in with all of the Sisters.






world creation_4





This book was reviewed using a combination of audiobook and Advance Reader Copy. The audiobook was purchased by the reviewer, the ARC was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Ellen Herrick was a publishing executive in New York until she moved to London for a brief stint; she returned nearly twenty years later with three grown children (her own, it must be said). She now divides her time between Cambridge, Massachusetts and a small Cape Cod town very much like Granite Point.

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Review – Palm South University – Season 1, Episode 6

Title: Palm South University: Episode Six
Author: Kandi Steiner
Release Date: Sept 29, 2015
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Drama. Lies. Sex.

Welcome to Palm South University.

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in South Florida. At a school where fraternities and sororities don’t exactly play by the rules, relationships are bound to be tested. Parties and sex are definitely key ingredients in the Palm South recipe, but what happens when family issues, secret lives, and unrequited love get tossed in the mix?

Follow Cassie, Bear, Jess, Skyler, Erin, Ashlei, and Adam as they tackle college at a small, private beach town university. Written in television drama form, each episode of this serial will pull you deeper and deeper into the world of PSU.

Where the sun is hot and the clothes are scarce, anything can happen.


BFF K’s Review



The Season 1 Finale starts off with a BANG and builds from there! We follow each of the characters as we get a final glimpse into each story line. Skyler gets some unsettling family news and Bear is there to help her out. Jess and Jarret – well – they’re HOT as ever, but questioning what’s next for their fling. Cassie and Adam are breaking my heart with their friendship/could be more relationship. Ashlei is a HOT MESS! And, Erin…..well there’s a surprise or 2 here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Palm South University Season 1 episodes. My Tuesdays are going to feel a little lonely without my quick and dirty, weekly check-in with these lively characters. Now that all of the episodes are released, you can binge-read the entire season without having to wait for the next episode.

Palm South is a smoking hot, drama-filled, reality show in book form. I anxiously awaited a new episode each week and now I’m impatiently waiting for Season 2! If you haven’t visited PSU yet, I encourage you to make a little time for your campus visit!










An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.



I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover, but my eyes aren’t even open yet and my head is hammering away in my skull. It’s safe to say I have one now. Groaning, I squeeze my eyes shut tighter and pull the fluffy, light blue covers up and over my head. When they’re jerked back, I bolt upright.

What the hell? Slowly craning my neck to the side, I squeak and scurry from the bed, taking the covers with me and quickly wrapping them around my chest.

“Fuck, Josh, stop messing around!” Clinton sprawls out, naked as the day he was born, stretching his legs and wiggling his toes. I swallow as the tight muscles of his abdomen ebb and flow with the movement. His dark skin is a vast contrast against my cream sheets and my eyes can’t help but fall to the cut V that leads right down to another part of his body coming to attention this morning. When his eyes open and he finds me cowering in the corner and staring at him wide-eyed, he blanches.

About the Author

Kandi Steiner is a Creative Writing and Advertising/Public Relations graduate from the University of Central Florida living in Tampa with her husband.

Kandi works full time as a social media specialist, but also works part time as a Zumba fitness instructor and blackjack dealer. Kandi started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic (like most girls brought up on Disney movies).

When Kandi isn’t working or writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys beach days, movie marathons, live music, craft beer and sweet wine – not necessarily in that order.

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