Review – One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

From the author of Maybe in Another Life—named a People Magazine pick—comes a breathtaking new love story about a woman unexpectedly forced to choose between the husband she has long thought dead and the fiancé who has finally brought her back to life.

In her twenties, Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse. They build a life for themselves, far away from the expectations of their parents and the people of their hometown in Massachusetts. They travel the world together, living life to the fullest and seizing every opportunity for adventure.

On their first wedding anniversary, Jesse is on a helicopter over the Pacific when it goes missing. Just like that, Jesse is gone forever.

Emma quits her job and moves home in an effort to put her life back together. Years later, now in her thirties, Emma runs into an old friend, Sam, and finds herself falling in love again. When Emma and Sam get engaged, it feels like Emma’s second chance at happiness.

That is, until Jesse is found. He’s alive, and he’s been trying all these years to come home to her. With a husband and a fiancé, Emma has to now figure out who she is and what she wants, while trying to protect the ones she loves.

Who is her one true love? What does it mean to love truly?

Emma knows she has to listen to her heart. She’s just not sure what it’s saying.


BFF K’s Review of One True Loves


I’ve found it hard to write a traditional review for this book. My thoughts and emotions are so raw and jumbled that I can’t do the more standard assessment. But, there are a few things that I know I want to say about One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid:

1. This book is extraordinary. I can’t even find the words adequate to explain the emotions and feelings I experienced through this book.

2. I HATE love triangles. There is typically something essentially disturbing to me about the tension involved in a love triangle. I seldom understand how a person is so evenly (or unevenly) torn between two different people. BUT….this book is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. This is a love triangle where no one is at fault, no one is to blame and the emotions are absolutely gut wrenching. Even thinking about it now my heart feels like it’s going to crack in two.

3. There is something about Taylor Jenkins Reid as an author that gives me the unique experience of immersing myself in another person’s journey. But, it’s beyond someone else’s story, I feel the emotions so intimately it is as if the story is happening to me. Or, I can clearly see how it could easily happen to me.  I have spent days, hours, minutes thinking about this story in relation to my own life. I think about how much I desperately love my husband and how wonderful he is. I weep over the thought that something could happen to him and he would be taken from me forever. The grief is absolutely palpable as Emma describes the thoughts and emotions of her complete desolation. I want to think I would be brave enough and love myself enough that I could eventually pull out of that hole to find love again. But, how does one do that? How does it change you? Who do you become once you survive, because you’re never again whole and certainly not the same. Then, what becomes of everyone when the miracle happens? Does it really seem all that miraculous?

4. Taylor Jenkins Reid is the master of the analogy! She tells stories and describes emotions with analogies that make the feelings or the settings so crystal clear. You immediately understand and pinpoint the emotion or the situation and you marvel at why you’ve never seen similar situations through that lens before.

5. This is a book about grief. The way that Reid writes about Emma’s grief gives the reader a physical and visceral reaction to the words and the emotions.

6. This is a book about finding life after loss. Emma must climb out of her grief for Jesse and find a way to continue to live.

7. This is a book about creating a life that brings you happiness and fulfillment even if it isn’t the life you once imagined or even created for yourself.

8. This is a book about change. Changing how you see the world, who you are, what you want, and what makes you happy.

9. This is a book about love. Romantic love. Family love. Love of home. Love of place. Love of self.

10. This is a book about hope.

Emma’s journey and her loves for both Jesse and Sam will leave their mark in your head and your heart. One True Loves will absolutely join Maybe In Another Life on my list of 2016’s Best Reads and it will be one that I recommend to anyone and everyone.








The audio of this title is exceptional as well! I highly recommend a listen!





An Advance Copy of this book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The audio version was purchased by the reviewer.


About the Author

Taylor Jenkins Reid is an author, essayist, and TV writer from Acton, Massachusetts. Her debut novel, Forever, Interrupted, has been optioned with Dakota Johnson attached to star. Her second book, After I Do, was called a “must read” by Kirkus. Her most recent novel, Maybe In Another Life has been featured in People, Cosmo, Bustle, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, USA Today and more.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Alex, and their dog, Rabbit. You can follow her on Twitter @tjenkinsreid.

Audio Release – Beneath These Lies by Meghan March



Attention audio fans! Sebastian York and Andi Arndt rocked the narration of BENEATH THESE LIES! Are you ready for the truth?

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BTL Amazon (2)Look, but don’t touch…she might as well wear a neon sign that says it. It just makes me want her more.

She might be above me in every way, but I still want her under me.

I’ve got no business touching her rich-girl skin, but that won’t stop me from stealing a taste. Because rules were meant to be broken—especially when the prize is so fine.

In a world where nothing is at it seems, what’s buried beneath these lies?


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Here are the Amazon links for the rest of the Beneath Series:

Beneath This Mask (Book 1)

Beneath This Ink (Book 2)

Beneath These Chains (Book 3)

Beneath These Scars (Book 4)

Beneath Series Box Set (Books 1-4)



 About the Author

meghanmarchpicMeghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at


Review – Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

What started out as a joke– seduce Coach Wilder–soon became a goal she had to score.

With Olympic tryouts on the horizon, the last thing nineteen-year-old Kinsley Bryant needs to add to her plate is Liam Wilder. He’s a professional soccer player, America’s favorite bad-boy, and has all the qualities of a skilled panty-dropper.

* A face that makes girls weep – check.
* Abs that can shred Parmesan cheese (the expensive kind) – check.
* Enough confidence to shift the earth’s gravitational pull – double check.

Not to mention Liam is strictly off limits. Forbidden. Her coaches have made that perfectly clear. (i.e. “Score with Coach Wilder anywhere other than the field and you’ll be cut from the team faster than you can count his tattoos.”) But that just makes him all the more enticing…Besides, Kinsley’s already counted the visible ones, and she is not one to leave a project unfinished.

Kinsley tries to play the game her way as they navigate through forbidden territory, but Liam is determined to teach her a whole new definition for the term “team bonding.”

BFF K’s Review


Liam Wilder is the ultimate soccer fantasy! He’s all bad boy and muscled athletic hotness. But, he’s also sweet, kind and a little misunderstood. Enter Kinsley Bryant, female soccer phenom and the person to rock Wilder’s world! Put them together and it’s the dream team combo! The book is fun and silly and fast-paced. I loved the story lines and both Liam and Kinsley are fun characters. They’re surrounded by a pretty good cast of supporting characters as well and those side stories add to the overall enjoyment of the book.

I read Scoring Wilder awhile ago, but hadn’t gotten around to my review. Two recent happenings have me thinking about this book. 1 – the 2015 US Women’s World Cup Soccer Victory…. I like to think (pretend) that Kinsley and Becca are on that team of champions! 2 – the ESPN Magazine Body Issue was released last week and I have this crazy thought that both Liam and Kinsley could be featured in this issue!

If you’re looking for a lively book with great characters, laugh out loud moments and some super hot athletes – this is a MUST read!

**Note – I did a combo read and listen for this book. The written version is terrific and the audio version is entertaining. I was a bit put off by the female announcer on the audio. The pacing was incredibly fast, in fact, I slowed the audio down in order to make it more enjoyable. Though it was a little annoying, I do think the narration was true to the authenticity/age of the character!









About the Author

I am a lover of books, chocolate, reality TV, black labs, and cold weather. Seriously, if I had it my way, I would be curled up on the couch with all of those things… everyday.

I live in Texas where I spend my free time writing and reading. My favorite authors include Mindy Kaling & Jonathan Safran Foer. I’m a comedy geek and love all things “funny”. Women like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling are definitely the biggest inspirations for my writing, though I think my work tends to skew a bit smuttier than theirs.

Review – Searching for Always by Jennifer Probst



New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Probst sparks a blissful mind-body connection as her “sexy, satisfying” (Kirkus Reviews) new series continues!

She’s an expert in helping others de-stress, but Arilyn Meadows is running on fumes. Along with her job counseling singles seeking soul mates at the Kinnections agency in Verily, New York, she’s a yoga teacher, animal shelter volunteer, anger management therapist, and helping hand to her beloved grandfather. No time to find Mr. Right—but after discovering her yogi boyfriend in a compromising asana, Arilyn would rather dog-sit for her honeymooning friend Kate than risk her heart on another downward dog. And when police officer Stone Petty—radiating masculinity and bad-boy attitude—is sent to her for mandatory lessons in cooling off when the job gets too hot, Arilyn vows to ignore his seductive glances and sexy grin. But there’s no halting their sizzling flirtation—a red-hot, high-speed chase that’s breaking all the limits.

BFF K’s Review


Officer Stone Petty. The name alone is super sexy, but the name has nothing on the MAN! Stone is holy-hotness, uniform-wearing, muscle-flexing, dominating, alpha-male with a soft-side even he didn’t know about! When he meets tree-hugging, dog-rescuing, vegetarian Arilyn in an anger management class (she’s the teacher) – the sparks FLY! And, it is so much FUN!

I LOVED Stone Petty. He is just the kind of fabulous, alpha male character that I love to read. Arilyn is a terrific heroine and I really liked the fact that she wasn’t all drama and self-pity. Her character is enjoyable mostly because she’s real and authentic. Arilyn is a good communicator. That skill enhances their relationship and is gratifying to read. There’s a definite ‘steam-factor’ and some of the scenes are hot, hot, HOT! But, it’s just the right amount of hot and sweet.

AND, wait until you meet Pinky! Stone’s relationship with this rescued chihuahua is precious. Stone is a stellar Book Boyfriend for lots of reasons, but his love and care for Pinky seals the deal!

I loved Searching for Beautiful, but Searching for Always is even better! I will absolutely be going back to read the first two books in this series. Searching for Always has solidified Jennifer Probsts’ spot on my must-read author list!

I enjoyed Searching for Always in both Kindle and Audiobook formats. This was fantastic because it allowed me to fly through the story twice as fast. [I’m talking – read until 2a, listen in the shower, listen in car, headphones to walk from car to the office, listen in car, home to read!] The audio version has great narration and fantastic pacing. If you’re an audiobook fan, you really need to check this one out!

No matter how you tackle this book, it needs to be on your To Be Read List – immediately! <3






Be sure to check out my review for book #3 in the Series – Searching for Beautiful. All of the books in this series can be read as stand-alones.


An ARC of this book was received via NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. The audio book was purchased by the reviewer.

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About the Author

Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She took a short hiatus to get married, get pregnant, buy a house, get pregnant again, pursue a master’s in English Literature, and rescue two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

She makes her home in Upstate New York with the whole crew. Her sons keep her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean.
She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, was ranked #6 on Amazon’s Best Books for 2012. She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Review – Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

While performing the greatest love story of all time, they discovered one of their own…

Cassie Taylor was just another acting student with big dreams at her prestigious performing arts college, then she met Ethan Holt. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy on campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing on stage, Cassie and Ethan’s epic romance seemed destined. Until it ended in tragedy when he shattered her heart.Now they’ve made it to Broadway where they’re reunited as romantic leads once again, and their passionate scenes force them to confront the heartbreaking lows and pulse-pounding highs of their intense college affair. For Ethan, losing Cassie was his biggest regret, and he’s determined to redeem himself. But for Cassie, even though Ethan was her first and only great love, he hurt her too much to ever be trusted again. The trouble is, working with him reminds her that people who rub each other the wrong way often make the best sparks. And when it comes to love, sometimes it’s the things that aren’t good for us that are the most irresistible.
Don’t miss the intoxicating romance beloved by over two million fans online–a story that will captivate you and hold you breathless until the final page.

BFF K’s 6-Rated Review


As you can obviously tell by this rare-6-rating, I absolutely LOVE Bad Romeo! I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much I love this story and the characters. The writing, the feel, the pace, everything about it is perfection! The book is written part in present day and part in flashbacks, but it is seamless and impeccable storytelling.

Cassie Taylor and Ethan Holt are amazing. There is so much to identify with and love about both of these characters. They are deep and complex. Cassie is sweet but tough. She’s kind and open but conflicted and driven to succeed. Throughout the book, I cheered for Cassie and celebrated her growth. I want her to find love with Ethan, but more than anything, I want her to be whole and happy. And Holt. OMG – Holt. He is broken and closed off, but endearing in a way that few characters are. He wants to be better, but doesn’t know how and doesn’t know that he deserves better. You want so much for him to find forgiveness and redemption.

The cast of supporting characters is fantastic, richly developed and integral to the storyline. The settings are interesting and unique.

This book gave me all the feels! I had butterflies and that feeling of excitement and love that builds in your chest as you read a really wonderful romance story. I laughed and raged and teared up and celebrated and swooned with the characters. Everything about the book is splendid. It is absolutely a MUST READ and I can’t wait to finish the story of Cassie and Ethan in Broken Juliet which releases this week!





**Side note – I did a combo read and listen for this book. The written version is terrific and the audio version is probably the BEST audiobook that I have listened to in a VERY long time! If you enjoy audiobooks, this is a must-listen!


One Click on Amazon

Purchase to listen on Audible

About the Author

Writing has always been a passion for Leisa, and even though she originally intended to be an actress, it wasn’t long into her time at drama school that she began writing plays.

Those plays were bad. Very bad. Well, her friends thought they were good, but that’s because they were always cast in them and any opportunity to be on stage was met with an obnoxious amount of enthusiasm.

Since then, she’s honed her craft, and several of her plays have been produced and toured throughout Australia.

These days, playwriting has given way to fiction writing, and her debut novel, BAD ROMEO, will be available in a worldwide release through Macmillan Publishing in December 2014. The sequel, BROKEN JULIET, will be available in April 2015.

Leisa lives in Australia with her husband, two little boys, three judgemental cats, and a kangaroo named Howard. (*NB: Howard may or may not be her imaginary marsupial friend. Everyone should have one.*)