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Smart Girls Read Romance is a combined effort with Kiersten from BFF Book Blog and Tina Lynne from Typical Distractions Blog. We endeavor to start a revolution that promotes the Romance genre, Romance writers and most especially Romance READERS in a positive light!

Romance is a Billion Dollar industry

Romance novels are 17% of the adult fiction category

Romance outsells almost all other fiction


88% of Romance Readers think a sense of humor is the most important quality in a hero

51% of Romance Readers have felt they should keep their romance reading a secret

85% of readers think Romance has a bad reputation

89% think Romance readers are looked down on

*Statistics from


“The Romance reader is a special reader. They are hyper engaged in the genre. Romance readers are the readers that will read a book a day. They’re voracious readers.” – Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords

“Whatever is your cup of tea, there’s someone pouring it…there’s a Romance for you.” – Sarah Wendell, Romance Blogger

“Why does Romance get sneered at? Because it’s written by women, about women and for women.” Sarah Frantz Lyons, Riptide Publishing

*Quotes from the documentary film, Love Between the Covers by Directed by Laurie Kahn

Smart Girls Read Romance, join the revolution!