2014 Besties


WOW, what a year it has been for incredible books! We couldn’t let 2014 slip away without highlighting a few of our favorite reads.

BFF Book Blog 2014 Besties

BFF K’s 2014 Besties

Tie for #1

It was just too hard to choose my favorite between these amazing books! I loved the overall experience of reading Maybe Someday. The addition of the soundtrack made it such a complete and completely unique experience. Plus, BFF A and I had an incredible trip to Chicago to attend the concert/book signing. It’s one of my favorite books EVER!

The Collectors’ Society is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read! I adore everything about it and Alice truly has set a new standard that I hold for the very best in book heroines! The Hidden Library – Book 2 comes out in early 2015!



Another top pick for its unique writing, incredible characters and 90’s pop culture references, I loved The Album by Ashley Pullo. Be sure to read the review AND our exclusive interview with the author!


Another book with a KICK ASS heroine! I LOVE Kricket and Book #2, Sea of Stars is one of my most highly anticipated new releases for 2015!


What an emotional ride! I hid from this book like a big baby for weeks after it came out. I was seriously, legitimately, scared of a book. But, I didn’t need to be! This book was so wonderful and I’ve thought about passages and themes from this book countless times throughout the year!


A Matter of Fate is one of my favorite series of all time! I absolutely love it! I have spent way too many hours thinking and dreaming about the characters in this series. A Matter of Forever was the perfect, beautiful, emotionally raw conclusion (we’re talking snot-filled ugly cry) to this series and one of my tops for 2014!


This is the twisted book that I love to hate or hate to love, I’m still not sure! Either way, it’s one of the best I read this year.


Like many friends, I’m always looking for books that will give me the same feels as 50 Shades of Grey! This series comes close AND it has a smoking hot race car driver!


The Deep End of the Sea is Medusa as you’ve never seen her before! I loved this modern twist on the classic mythology. And, everything Heather Lyons writes is impeccable!


Reed. I should really just say that and move on. In 2014, he shot to the top of my Book Boyfriend list! I am loving this incredible storyline and can’t wait to finish the series in 2015.


Lick, Play, Lead – I read them all in 2014 and I’m in love with the men of Stage Dive! These are super fun, rockstar romances filled with GREAT characters and LOL moments. Play is my fave in the series so far and Mal is definitely one of my top Book Boyfriends. (What can I say, I LOVE a guy who can make me laugh!)


BFF A’s 2014 Besties

I think I read more this year than I ever have in one year. Maybe it’s because I finally found books that intrigue me the most. Perhaps it’s because I have a purpose for reading more. I love talking to my BFF about books. I love instilling in my daughter the love of reading. I love that I can use a book to escape reality, even if for just a little bit. I hope to do more in 2015. More reading, more searching, more conversations, more focus.

It’s difficult to narrow down. There have been many books I have loved this year. I was able to immerse myself in the stories, become a part of the events and finish with serious book hangover. When I think back to those that I constantly talk about, those that brought out my emotions, and left me wanting more, these made it to the top of my list.


I still have no words to describe the mind-twisting journey I took while reading this book. It is definitely at the top of my list for 2014.


It’s the only book that I can remember reading twice, it’s that good! Traveling to Chicago with BFF K for the concert with Griffin and Colleen was icing on the cake!


I cried. I never cry when reading. Anything that has my emotions show like that is fantastic.


This was not a 2014 release, but it was a new read for me this year. The entire series is thrilling, but book 1 really gets you hooked into the characters, events, and makes you want more. The journey of Anthony and Claire will continue in January 2015 when Beyond the Consequences is released. I already have it ordered.


We thank you so much for coming along on the exciting book journey we’ve taken in 2014. We look forward to an incredible 2015 and we thank you for being our Book BFF’s!

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  1. Amy says

    So many good books..so many late nights. 🙂 The Collectors Society has jumped to #1 on my list. LOVED IT! I have become a Heather Lyons fan as the Fate Series and the Deep end of the Sea are also my favs. Did you read her holiday short story? LOVE! I’ve read Driven and Premonition, have to say I love Premonition and then I was hooked on angels and demons. So I read the Soul Savers – good!
    Thanks for the recommendations ladies!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Amy! We love sharing our favorite books with other people and we know that YOU love the same books we do! You’re right about Heather, everything she writes is amaze-balls. I loved the holiday short too. I will read anything she writes, it’s all so good! I’ll have to check out the Soul Savers series. Thanks for being one of the mostly loyal followers our little blog has. We appreciate it! <3 BFF K


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