BFF K’s Recommended Reading List

I didn’t list anything here that I didn’t read and that I didn’t like. Some are better than others, but none of them are a waste of time. I’ll link to reviews as I add them. The names in ( ) are the main characters. After awhile, everything started running together, so I put character names to help me remember the stories! Amazon links coming soon!

Heather Lyons

A Matter of Fate, A Matter of Heart, Matter of Truth, Matter of Forever – Heather Lyons (Chloe, Jonah, Kellan)

The Matter of Fate Series is one of my favorite book series ever, and that’s saying something! I love everything about it! The series is like a combination of Twilight/Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Beautiful Creatures – all the best parts of each of those. There’s magic and a love triangle and the characters grow and change throughout the series. Each book is better than the one before!!!
Beyond Fate is a novella to read after MOF and MOH.

Deep End of the Sea – Heather Lyons (Medusa & Hermes)

Colleen Hoover

Slammed, Point of Retreat (Will & Lake)

Hopeless & Losing Hope & Finding Cinderella – Novella (Holder & Sky)

Maybe Someday (Ridge & Sydney)


Sylvia Day

Bared to You Series – Sylvia Day (Gideon & Eva)
Afterburn – Sylvia Day (Gia and Jax) 1st book in a series

Vi Keeland

Belong to You – Vi Keeland (Jack and Syd)
Made for You – Vi Keeland (Jack and Syd)

Gail McHugh

Collide – Gail McHugh (Gavin & Emily)
Pulse – Gail McHugh (Gavin & Emily)

Jennifer Armentrout (J.Lynn)

Wait for You – J. Lynn (Avery & Cam)
Trust in Me – Jennifer L. Armentrout – same author – this is Avery and Cam, but from Cam’s POV
Be With Me – Jenner Armentrout – (Tess & Jase)
Stay With Me – Jennifer Armentrout – (Calla & Jax)

Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster and then Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire (Abby & Travis) BD from Abby’s POV then WD from Travis’s POV

Samantha Young

On Dublin Street – (Jocelyn & Braden) Each book starts a new couple based on characters in the stories.
Down London Road – (Johanna & Cameron)
Before Jamaica Lane – (Liv & Nate)
Castle Hill (A Joss & Braden Novella) – Wedding and honeymoon!
Until Fountain Bridge – (Ellie and Adam) Novella

Into the Deep – Samantha Young (Jake & Charley) – 1st in a different series
Out of the Shallows – Samantha Young 2nd and final book wraps up Jake and Charley’s story

Fischer Amelie

7 Deadly Sins Series – Fischer Amelie – great romance with social redemption.
Vain – Fischer Amelie (Ian and Sophie)
Greed – Fischer Amelie (Spencer and Cricket)

J. Sterling

The Game Series – J. Sterling
The Perfect Game (Jack F-ing Carter & Cassie)
The Game Changer
There’s a 3rd in the series, but I haven’t read it yet!
Good books, baseball player hero, characters not quite as developed as I like, but good reads

Emma Chase

Tangled – Emma Chase (Drew & Katherine – written from Drew’s pov, lol funny)

Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard Series – Christina Lauren (Starts with Chloe & Bennett) Each book starts a new couple based on characters in the stories. Novellas between each. Fun, quick reads.

Jasinda Wilder

Stripped – (Grey and Dawson)
Falling into You – (Nell and Colton)

Elle Casey

Shine Not Burn (Andi & Mac)
By Degrees  (Scarlett & Tarin)

Kylie Scott

Lick – (David & Evelyn)

Play – (Mal & Anne)

K. Bromberg

The Driven Series – Driven, Fueled, Crashed (Colton & Rylee)

This was probably the best ‘steamy series’ I’ve read since Fifty Shades of Grey!


Only single reads of these authors so far:

Caught Up in Us – Lauren Blakely (Kat Harper and Bryan, rekindled romance with grad school mentor) – quick and predictable

Carter Reed – Tijan (Emma and Carter) Mafia ties, alpha male

Very Bad Things – Ilsa Madden-Mills (Nora and Leo)

Real – Katy Evans (Remy & Brooke) 1st in a series

More romance than 50, but still fun reads:

The Marriage Bargain – Jennifer Probst

Geoducks are for lovers – Daisy Prescott (Maggie & Gil)
The Fault in Our Stars – John Green (Gus & Hazel) 2 HS kids with cancer meet at a support group

Crazy 50-ish stuff: But, really short – buy the whole series – you can ready section 1 in less than an hour, I haven’t gotten the rest of them…..Anything He Wants, Dominated by the Billionaire, Sara Fawkes

Other Favorite Series

50 Shades of Grey
Harry Potter
Sookie Stackhouse – the Southern Vampire series
The Hunger Games